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Braco is a Polish company and one of the leaders in the packaging industry of disposable portioned goods in the country – our main target is the entire Food Service sector and more.

The basis of the company’s operation is to build a long-term business relationship with our customers for whom our packaging is one of the key elements in their sales process, and at the same time affecting the image of their brand.

Long-term and well-established experience and the passion we work with allow us to constantly expand and dedicate ourselves in optimizing our offer. This continuous improvement and the search for solutions is our response to the dynamically and innovatively changing market.

Our range consists not only of a range of products with a universal imprint, which are broadly available in wholesale trade, but also, at the customer’s request, we make individual imprints on packaging – thus creating private labels for our customers. Portioned products are not only hygienic and well protected, but they are also the perfect advertisement for your company.

In the dynamic development of Braco, we are focused on long-term business relationships, which is why we care about meeting your needs!

At Braco, we are focused on the highest standards of service. As a sugar sachet manufacturer, we have a modern machine park, which gives us the possibility to offer products of the highest quality at affordable prices.



Standard products

White sugar
in sachets

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Cane sugar
in sachets

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in sachets

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in sachets

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in sachets

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