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Own brand

Sugar sachets with an imprint
is the perfect promotional element of your brand.

At Braco we deal with the implementation of dedicated packaging. We have a wide range of portioned products on which we can place the logo of our business partners. We create private label products, thanks to which you can gain an advertising medium that contributes to building the image of your company.
Sugar sachets with your logo is a proven solution that a given brand will not only be remembered, but it will also gain new customers.

As a professional manufacturer of sachets, we are very focused on the modern packaging of our products and their graphic design. We are also able to adapt to individual customer requirements regarding unit weights as well as product packaging.

[ … stwórz swój indywidualny projekt … ]

Several years of experience

in the field of packaging services has contributed to our  packaging for the largest chains of restaurants, cafes, confectioneries or wholesalers.
BRACO products are widely used in the rapidly growing HoReCa catering industry. Our sugar in sachets and other portioned products go to hundreds of customers and consumers throughout the country.

In comparison to our competition, we stand out with high quality products, competitive prices and an individual and partner-friendly approach to the customers.

Are you thinking about products with your own imprint or logo? Do you care about the image of your company? Contact us and we will prepare and present you an offer with our sugar sachets.

Standard products

White sugar
in sachets

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Cane sugar
in sachets

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in sachets

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in sachets

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in sachets

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